Request a Copy

To receive copies of documents, the Recorder’s Office charges $2.00 per page.  We will need the volume and page of the document you are requesting.

We must have the appropriate copy fee before sending or faxing copies out.

You will need to have an established Escrow Account in order to request copies the same day.


When requesting copies to be sent through the mail, the Recorder’s Office requires a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure proper return.

Please include an appropriate sized envelope and postage for number and size of documents being requested. Thank you.


View the Fax Order Form.

Fax Procedures

  1. No certified documents will be produced or accepted by FAX transmission.
  2. No documents shall be recorded utilizing FAX.
  3. Anyone transmitting a FAX order for processing must have Q current escrow account or remit cash, check or money order prior to the transmission at the Recorder’s Office.
  4. All orders transmitted after 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, weekends and holiday’s, will be processed on the next business day.
  5. All requests shall· be for Recorder’s Office documents only.
  6. Charges are as follows:
    a. Outgoing Fax from Recorder’s Office-$2.00 per page (local) and $2.00 per page with a $4.00 fax fee (long distance)

For Example:

A) You have faxed the appropriate request form to Recorder’s Office requesting a copy of a document containing ten (10) pages; when completed, the copy will be held at the counter for pickup:

10 Pages Copied @ $2.00 = $20.00
Total Due = $20.00

B) Based upon the same copy request, but asking that the documents be faxed from the Recorder’s Office to you:

10 Pages Copied @ $2.00 = $20.00
Fax Charge @ $4.00 = $4.00
Total Due = $24.00

Faxes will be sent out the same day, after all daily work has been completed.

Escrow Accounts

Those individuals or companies that make copies of documents on a regular basis may prefer to set up an escrow account with the Recorder’s Office

View the Escrow Account Application.

Escrow Account Policy

  1. Escrow accounts require a written application. A minimum deposit of $ 25.00 is due when submitting an application. The deposit may be made by cash, check or money order. Escrow account holders may deposit more than the minimum deposit.
  2. Once established, subsequent deposits may be made by cash, check, or money order.
  3. Cash cannot be withdrawn from an account. Only reimbursements of the entire balance and closure of the account are permissible. Partial reimbursements will not be made. Request for reimbursements must be in writing and signed by the Authorized Signor on the account application. Reimbursements from the Recorder’s office shall be by check issued from the Crawford County Auditor’s office. The check will be payable to the account holder whose name appears on the account application.
  4. Escrow account withdrawals may only be used for Recorder’s fees. Withdrawals will only be permitted to authorized users listed on application.
  5. The Recorder has the right to close any escrow account at any time, with or without cause
    and without prior notice. It is not the responsibility of the Recorder to update escrow information without notice such as : current mailing address, phone number, fax number and authorized users of the account. Inactive accounts in a 90-day period may be subject to closure. Refunds will be sent to the current mailing address listed on account.
  6. The Recorder has the right to apply reasonable service charges for bookkeeping or processing when deemed necessary. Returned checks may result in the Recorder debiting costs incurred for services provided (Ohio Revised Code 317.32) from funds previously established in escrow with the Recorder’s Office. Until matters are resolved, the Recorder reserves the right to deny a service paid by escrow.
  7. No service will be provided without sufficient funds in the escrow account.
  8. The primary contact for the account will be provided login information for the account. It is the primary contact’s discretion as to whom they provide the login name and password. It is also the primary contact’s responsibility to change the password as necessary.
  9. The primary contact will receive a monthly statement detailing debits and credits to their account. It is their responsibility to balance their account and notify the County Recorder’s office of any disputed debits or credits. This report can also be downloaded on demand using CountyFusion.