The County recorder shall charge and collect the following fees under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC)

Fee Schedule


Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Affidavits, Partnerships, Certificates of Transfer

Most recordable documents (Note: Each printed side is one page)
$34 for the first (2) pages, plus $8 for each subsequent page

Documents with Reference for Marginal Notation

e.g. Releases, Amendments, Assignments, Re-Recordings, etc.
Regular recording fee, plus $4 for each marginal notation

Plats & Condominium Drawings

$0.10 per square inch: Minimum $40 per page

UCC Filings

Financing Statements Relating to Real Estate

$12 plus $4 for each name indexed

Related UCC Filings Pertaining to Real Estate

$12 plus $4 for each name indexed

Corrected Statements




Copies Related to UCC Searches

$2 per page


Federal Tax Liens

Other Federal Liens, Releases, or Partial Releases

Personal Property Tax Liens

No fee



Child Support Releases

Regular Filings Fees Apply

Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBES)

Certificates of Premium Due, Related Filings, Releases
No fee

Recognizance Liens / Releases

No fee

Unemployment Compensation (OBES)

No fee



Job & Family


Surety Liens: Bond Filings